Celebrating bryophytes in art

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Calling all artists – professional or amateur, adult or child. After the photography competition, to continue the theme of celebrating the BBS Centenary with images, it has been decided to host an art gallery on the BBS website. We would love to receive pictures of your work, with or without explanatory text, to post on the home page and to explore the many different ways in which the bryophytes of Britain and Ireland and of the whole world can inspire creativity.

These images will be posted in the News section of the website, under the “Bryophytes in art” category, with a page for each artist.

It should be stressed that whilst we would love to see bryophytes being used as a source of inspiration for artists, it is assumed that that all individuals will collect responsibly and avoid collecting uncommon species in cases where actual plants are being used in their work.

Published: 1 October 2023