National Moss Day: 21st October 2023

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As part of the Centenary Year celebrations, the BBS is launching the first National Moss Day in Britain and Ireland.  A range of initiatives, many of them in partnership with other organisations, will be taking place around Britain and Ireland on or around the date of October 21st.

Beginner events, exhibitions and moss trails are being planned. Are you in contact with someone who would be prepared to celebrate National Moss Day with artwork inspired by the world of mosses and liverworts. Anyone who feels that they could contribute in any way, we would love to hear about it. Please contact Philippa Thompson at

Details of events will be posted closer to the time in the Events section of the website at For now though, please put the date in your diary and give some thought to how you might celebrate!

Photographic competition

To continue with the artistic theme, the photography competition is still open to aspiring photographers. Could you do better than the examples below? It shouldn’t be too difficult! No specialist knowledge is required, just an ability to get outside and take a good photograph.

Winning entries will be included in the bryophyte calendar for 2024 which should be available in time for the Edinburgh AGM in September. Hopefully the competition is stimulating everyone’s creativity. The closing date is June 30th . For further details of the photography competition visit

Published: 3 March 2023