Annual General Meeting 2014: Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

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12 September 2014 - 14 September 2014

Meeting report

The 2014 autumn meeting at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is the second one to be held in Scotland, 12 years after the earlier one, also at RBGE. On the Friday afternoon and evening, meetings were held of the Recording & Conservation Committee, Publications Committee and Education Committee followed by the Council Meeting at 7.30 pm. Next day, a total of 39 participants attended the symposium in the recently refurbished lecture theatre where the BBS was given a warm welcome by Prof. Pete Hollingsworth, Director of Science at RBGE.
He emphasized the importance and success of collaboration between BBS members and RBGE scientists, and how bryophyte research, both traditional and molecular, is an important
and growing part of RBGE’s work.

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Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh