Annual meeting 1926: Ingleton

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21 May 1926 - 23 May 1926

Meeting report

Note: the exact dates of this meeting are unknown; the report merely states ‘Whitsuntide’.

(Extracted from The Journal of Botany, August 1926, p. 223.)

The British Bryological Society held its Annual Meeting and Excursion at Ingleton, Yorkshire, at Whitsuntide. Mr. H. N. Dixon, M.A., F.L.S., was elected to the Chair, in the absence of the President. In spite of transport restrictions, about thirty members were present. Ingleborough, with the Limestone Pavements, and the two glens close by, were studied under the expert guidance of local bryologists, and many interesting mosses and hepatics were found. Further afield, Crummack Dale, Moughton and Malham were visited with good results. Some of the more important plants met with were: – Mosses – Dicranodontium longirostre var. alpinum, Trichostomum crispulum var. nigro-viride, T. mutabile var. cophocarpum, Zygodon gracilis, Splachnum sphaericum, Philonotis capillaris, Cinclidium stygium, two or three species of Thuidium, Cylindrothecium concinnum, Orthothecium intricatum and rufescens, Pylaisia polyantha, Hypnum falcatum var. virescens and H. incurvatum. Hepatics – Riccia lescuriana, Metzgeria pubescens, Haplozia riparia var. rivularis*, Lophozia badensis*, L. bicrenata*, Anastrepta orcadensis, Leptoscyphus taylori, Cephaloziella myriantha*, Bazzania trilobata, Lepidozia reptans vars. julacea* and tenera*, Blepharostoma trichophyllum, Scapania bartlingii*, Lejeunea patens, Cololejeunea calcarea and C. rossettiana. Those new to V.C. 64 are starred.

At the Annual Meeting it was reported that the new edition of the Moss Census Catalogue would soon be ready, and that the second edition of Macvicar’s Students’ Handbook of Hepatics should be out before the end of the year. The next meeting will be held at Brecon, Aug. 12-19, 1927, under the Presidency of the Rev. C. H. Binstead, M.A., F.L.S.

Eleonora Armitage