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17 March 2024 - 17 March 2023 (10:30 - 16:00)

Meeting details

We will visit the Clydach Gorge near Abergavenny (find out all about it here This steep-sided river valley is a rich site for bryophytes, so naturally has been well recorded. But there is always more to find!

The terrain will be quite steep and potentially slippery with some steep steps down into the gorge. In order to explore the site well, we will probably climb up the far side of the gorge and walk along a road / track on the far side, returning the same way. Please ensure you wear sturdy walking boots, and bring walking poles if you think you may need them.

Please let me know if you are planning to come along by emailing, and I will send more details on the parking. It can be quite tricky to find!

Please ensure that you download and read the Risk Assessment below before the meeting

Download the Risk Assessment

Clydach Gorge