Kyle and Lochalsh Community Trust: Bryophyte training day

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25 October 2023 (10:00 - 16:00)

The Kyle and Lochalsh Community Trust are holding a Bryophyte Training Day on the Plock of Kyle, led by experienced bryologist Nick Hodgetts.

The Plock is a perfect place in which to improve your bryological knowledge. Home to a wide range of habitats all within easy access of the other, means that there is a vast area appropriate for study. From moorland, woodland, coastline, wildflower meadow with a range of microclimates means that there’s a huge variety of species which we will be able to explore on the day.

The field work will be coupled with lab work in the afternoon which will be used to check and confirm field identifications. For those species which require close examination, this part of the day is essential, and will be beneficial for future survey capability.

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