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4 April 2024 (10:00 - 15:30)

Meeting details

Location: Meet at 10.00 am, Reekie Linn Car Park, Glen Isla, Angus (NO252538)

Our plan is to explore the banks of the River Isla where it cuts through the Old Red Sandstone at the Reekie Linn waterfall. All are welcome but participants should note that the area is steep and largely untracked.  There have been several records of interesting rarities such as Anomodon attenuatus, and Homomalium incurvum in the river gorge here but there should be a good range of species. Anyone interested in attending this meeting, please contact Lyn Jones (, 07749 880650) to confirm attendance. Please also ensure you are familiar with the Risk Assessment (below) before the meeting.,753848&st=4&ar=Y,y&mapp=map&searchp=ids&dn=824&ax=325255&ay=753848&lm=

Download Risk Assessment

Reekie Linn, Glen Isla, Angus