Spring meeting 2006: Salerno, Italy

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22 February 2006 - 1 March 2006

Meeting report

The second BBS meeting in Italy within 10 years was led by Roberto Ligrone, with Jeff Duckett co-ordinating the arrangements for British participants. In addition to Jeff, the visitors were Janet Betts, John Blackburn, Tom Blockeel, Sam Bosanquet, Jonathan Graham, Mark Hill, David Long, Howard Matcham, Ron Porley, Chris Preston, Michael Proctor, Gordon Rothero, David Rycroft, Jonathan Sleath and Silvia Pressel, who, as a bryologist working in London but born in Italy, provided a link between the two nations. We flew to Naples on 22 February, meeting Roberto there for the journey to our HQ at the Jolly Hotel, Salerno, and for an evening meal in the town which provided an excellent introduction to the food and wine of the area, including spaghetti alle vongole. We were joined by an almost equal number of Italian bryologists during the week: Michele Aleffi, Patrizia Campisi, Simonetta Giordano, Luca Miserere, Alessandro Petraglia, Fiorenza Provenzano, Francesco Sguazzin, Valeria Spagnuolo, Roberta Tacchi and Stefano Terracciano. The previous meeting to Italy , in 1997, had been to Alpine territory. Salerno , in the Mediterranean south of the country, offered the prospect of a very different flora. Each day we travelled by coach to our field sites, where we were often joined by local naturalists who most generously spent their time guiding us round their local patches.

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Salerno, Italy