Spring meeting 2006: Staffordshire

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6 April 2006 - 10 April 2006

Meeting report

Twenty-nine BBS members were present for at least part of this five-day meeting, one or two attending for the odd day whilst others stayed for the whole period.

All localities visited were in Staffordshire (v.-c. 39). It was hoped that exploration of this varied, but very under-recorded, county would contribute significantly to our understanding of its bryophytes, and prior to the meeting I published a provisional on-line atlas to give people some idea of what to expect. In the event, nearly 260 taxa were recorded, including some 30 new or ‘unbracketed’ vice-county records, as well as a possible new species for England in the form of Aneura maxima , which is the subject of further study to establish its credentials.

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