Spring meeting 2007: Northamptonshire

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12 April 2007 - 18 April 2007

Meeting report

The headquarters for the meeting was Moulton College . Located in Moulton village, just to the north of Northampton , it was well placed for visiting sites both to the northeast and to the southwest of the county. The college staff members were friendly and helpful, contributing to a very relaxed atmosphere. The food was good student fare, and plentiful! We appreciated the compact size of the campus, as the car park, the accommodation blocks, the dining room and the classrooms were all in close proximity. Another plus point was the very short walk to the local pub, The Telegraph, which was literally nextdoor to the college.

We had the use of two classrooms. After the first evening, the larger of the two became our microscope room , where we could examine and discuss our specimens on return from the field. We had managed to borrow a large display board on which we put a map of v.-c. 32 (bigger than modern Northamptonshire) with the sites to be visited marked, plus several species lists that included the v.-c. list and the Northamptonshire bryophytes mentioned by H.N. Dixon 100 years or more ago. Rachel’s husband Chris took on the role of official photographer and entertained us in the evenings with a continuous slide show of the day’s activities. He was also invaluable in ferrying people and equipment. The second classroom was used for BBS Committee meetings on the Friday and Saturday.

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