Spring meeting 2012: North Cumbria

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28 March 2012 - 4 April 2012

Meeting report

The 2012 Spring Meeting was held in v.-c 70, mainly in the northern Cumbrian plains, with one day in v.-c. 67 and incursions into v.-c. 69. The northern plains are an under-recorded area as the more southerly Lake District National Park has been a favourite haunt of past bryologists. The base for the meeting was located in Caldbeck, a scenic area with the Skiddaw massif providing a backdrop to the village. There was plenty to see for the week, with Diane Dobson and John O’Reilly having organised a plethora of sites to visit, though as with most Spring meetings there were a number of bryologists who skived off to other areas, which did add to the records for the vice counties.

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