Spring meeting 2022: Hungary

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5 April 2022 - 23 April 2022

Register your interest now with the local meeting secretary, Peter Erzberger. Please note that dates are provisional at this stage.

Local secretary: Peter Erzberger

We will travel to different locations in the country by bus from Budapest and Eger, where we will stay for some nights each. Excursions will include calcareous grasslands and limestone rocks in the vicinity of the capital and in the Bükk Mts (NE Hungary) (expected highlights: Asterella saccata, Mannia fragrans, Oxymitra incrassata, Riccia ciliifera, Crossidium squamiferum, Mannia triandra, Bryum [Ptychostomum] funkii), volcanic grasslands and siliceous boulder scree at Börzsöny and Visegräd Mts (Grimmia plagiopodia, Syntrichia caninervis var. gypsophila, Crossidium squamiferum, Brachythecium geheebii, Lescuraea saviana), saline grassland (Entosthodon hungaricus) and loess cliffs (Hilpertia velenovskyi) in the lowlands and forests in the colline Cserhát Mts (Anacamptodon splachnoides, Zygodon [Codonoblepharon] forsteri).

This plan may be affected of course by changes which could be imposed by the Covid 19 situation at the time, supposing that travel to Hungary is then possible. Further information about the meeting will be provided closer to the time.

The meeting will be organized by Peter Erzberger, Berlin, and Beáta Papp, Budapest.

To express an interest in the meeting and for further information, please email Peter at erzberger.peter@gmail.com.