Summer meeting 2004: Isle of Rum

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26 June 2004 - 3 July 2004

Meeting report

This was an unusual meeting for the BBS, arising out of a suggestion from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) staff based on Rum that more information on the distribution of bryophytes on the island National Nature Reserve would be useful (and that they would pay for accommodation!). This is in line with a general notion that the BBS should be more involved in providing information on protected sites that have bryophytes as one of their ‘features of interest’. I had taken part in a similar meeting in 2003 looking at vascular plants, organised by the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI), and planned as part of a project to produce a vascular plant Flora for the island. The organisers of this meeting (David Pearman, Chris Preston and Kevin Walker) suggested to me that, with all the new information a field meeting would bring, a bryophyte section of the Flora would be a welcome addition. So the real ‘meeting account’ will be in the form of a Flora.

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Isle of Rum