Summer meeting 2016: Tyrone, Ireland

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30 July 2016 - 6 August 2016

Meeting report

The first week of the summer meeting was held in Co. Tyrone VC H36, Northern Ireland. Co. Tyrone was the most under-recorded vice-county remaining in Ireland, having had little attention since the Fitzgeralds recorded in the 1950s. Prior to the 2016 meeting there were a total of 4025 records from H36, with c. 60% of these having been made prior to the 1970s and fifteen hectads had less than 50 species recorded. Most of the recent recording had been undertaken by David Holyoak, with some additional records from Richard Weyl, Joanne Denyer and the BBS Antrim meeting in 2012.

The aim of the summer meeting was therefore to record in hectads with few historic records and to update those that had no recent records. The meeting was based in Carrickmore, south of Creggan and just outside Omagh where we hired a self-catering cottage which was our base for the week.

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Tyrone, Ireland