Summer meeting 2018: Isle of Man

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16 July 2018 - 23 July 2018

Joint meeting with the BSBI.

Meeting report

The Isle of Man (vc 71) lies in the northern part of the Irish Sea, almost equidistant from Ireland, Scotland and England; it is a remarkable feature of the history of our islands that it has retained its independence from all three. It is one of the smallest vice-counties (572 km2 ). It is a primarily acidic island with a solid geology consisting mainly of Ordovician sandstones, mudstones and greywackes, alleviated by a large expanse of glacial deposits and sand dunes at the north end and a small area of Carboniferous limestone in the south. The centre of the island is upland rather than montane, with a highest point of 620 m on Snaefell.

The island was well recorded – largely thanks to Jean Paton –  for the first Atlas of Bryophytes, but it has since been neglected and is long overdue a visit by the BBS…

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Isle of Man