Summer Meeting 2019: County Kerry, Iveragh Peninsula

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7 July 2019 - 14 July 2019

Meeting report

This meeting will explore the wild and mountainous interior of the Iveragh Peninsula of Kerry, which is one of the richest areas for oceanic bryophytes in Europe. Large populations of many rare oceanic species, that are rare or absent in other parts of Europe (excluding Macaronesia) occur here, including Lejeunea hibernica, Radula holtii, Cyclodictyon laetevirens and Sematophyllum demissum amongst many others. A special montane flora is also present, with big leafy liverwort species such as Mastigohora woodsii and Scapania ornithopodioides likely to be seen during the week.

We will visit unexplored montane and woodland sites that are likely to host a rich flora of oceanic bryophytes, as well as sites that are known to have a rich flora but could do with more exploration. Participants should be fit and comfortable on rough terrain, and should be prepared for all weather conditions.

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Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland