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24 March 2024 (10:30 - 16:30)

An interesting corner of Salisbury Plain military training area with some strong populations of chalk downland bryophytes.

Meeting details

Leader: Sharon Pilkington

Beacon Hill and Bulford Down is a chalk escarpment near Bulford Camp and is part of the Salisbury Plain military training area. Like much of the eastern part of the plain it is rich in uncommon chalk grassland bryophytes. Recent surveys of this area have confirmed Bryum torquescens, Abietinella abietina var. hystricosa, Pottiopsis caespitosa, Tortella squarrosa, Weissia sterilis and more.

As we will have to book on with the military numbers may have to be restricted. Park and meet at SU20074435. This is on the south side of the road between Bulford Camp and Tidworth. Please pull off the road and park carefully on the grass.

If you’d like to come along, please email Sharon Pilkington (sharon.pilkington1@(at)btinternet.com)


Beacon Hill, near Bulford Camp, Wiltshire