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Identification notes

This is a rare species in Britain and Ireland which even at its few known localities on sunny rocks at the edge of the  River Usk is unlikely to be found without deliberate searching and should not be collected. In the Mediterranean, however, it is not uncommon beside watercourses, both natural and manmade, forming dense tufts.

The very strong nerve extending to the apex is clearly seen with a hand lens. The plant is related to Bryum alpinum but is characterised by the presence of large (often > 0.5mm) bulbils in the upper leaf axils, and it lacks the glossy metallic reddish sheen of that species. B.dichotomum is very variable but is generally a smaller plant with usually multiple bulbils in each axil, a weaker nerve and more concave leaves.

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

Very restricted. The only current confirmed localities are along the river Usk in S Wales.

View distribution from the BBS Atlas 2014

Resources you may find useful

Holyoak, D. 2021. European Bryaceae.

David Holyoak’s book contains keys, detailed morphological, ecological and taxonomic descriptions and diagrams showing key features – and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to get to know Bryum species.

The Bryophyte identification page under Resources contains additional information on the genus Bryum, including an early version of the keys now published in David Holyoak’s book.

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