Cephaloziella turneri

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Identification notes

For many, this beautiful leafy liverwort is the only Cephaloziella that can be named easily in the field. Its strikingly prickly appearance (with a hand-lens, its shoots look distinctly fuzzy) sets it apart from all of its close relatives, including C. nicholsonii, which also has obviously toothed leaves.

C. turneri nearly always grows on crumbling vertical banks of wooded coastal creeks and therefore also has a very unusual kind of habitat. It is poorly competitive and likes slowly eroding places where large vascular plants like common ivy Hedera helix or navelwort Umbilicus rupestris cannot thrive. It often grows with the likes of Diplophyllum albicans (though not too much), Mnium hornum and the equally rare Ditrichum subulatum.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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