Climacium dendroides

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Identification notes

Climacium is a bit of an odd moss, being relatively unfussy about its habitat. Most often it’ll be found in damp, grassy places not too far from water but it’s equally capable of growing in damp woodland, on sheltered drystone walls and even in old mine workings.

Its distinctive tree-like habit and large size normally makes it easy to recognise. Sometimes, though, it creeps about semi-horizontally and then it may not be immediately recognisable. Such odd forms are most likely to be seen in places where there is frequent trampling or vehicle movement (such as car parks and lightly-used lanes in high rainfall areas) or where it is submerged from time to time, as at the upper edge of reservoirs.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Similar Species

When growing normally, it is difficult to confuse with much else.