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Identification notes

You are most likely to confuse this species with Conocephalum salebrosum, which was only separated from C. conicum relatively recently in 2004. The paper introducing C. salebrosum is available in the resources section below, along with a link to a page comparing the 2 species. Some of the photos in the gallery show the 2 side by side for comparison.

In general, a very shiny thallus is a good indication of C. conicum. Dull-looking Conocephalums with a clearly reticulate surface growing away from water are good candidates for C. salebrosum and – until you can recognise them by ‘jizz’ – should be taken home for checking.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

The first link shows the distribution of C. conicum sl., the aggregate which includes records before the split into C. conicum and C. salebrosum.

The second link shows the distribution of true C. conicum after the split in 2005.


Atlas 2014 Distribution of C. conicum s.l. Atlas 2014 Distribution of C. conicum

Resources you may find useful


Szweykowski J, Buczkowska K, Odrzykoski IJ. 2005Conocephalum salebrosum (Marchantiopsida, Conocephalaceae) – a new Holarctic liverwort species. Plant Systematics and Evolution 253: 133-158.

This 2005 paper by Szweykowski et al describes Concephalum salebrosum and illustrates the microscopic differences between it and C. conicum. It is available as a free download from the ResearchGate website.

Access the download from ResearchGate
Differences between Conocephalum conicum and C. salebrosum.

The BBS Conocephalum survey in 2005 identified a number of features helpful in telling these 2 species apart which are summarised in this PDF file.

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