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Identification notes

Didymodon can be a tricky genus with a lot of quite similar species, confusing many bryologists for years. D. luridus is one of the easier species to identify, with characteristically wide-based, almost triangular leaves and a rounded or blunt-tipped apex. However forms occur with narrower leaves which can easily be confused with D. nicholsonii.

It is always worth looking at leaf sections of Didymodon spp. if you have a compound microscope. In the case of D. luridus and D. nicholsonii, the costa sections look quite different (see images and refer to Tom Blockeel’s recent article, linked below.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Resources you may find useful

Blockeel, T.L. & Kucera, J. 2019. Notes from the BBS Workshop on Didymodon, 2018. Field Bryology 121: 23-30.

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The Bryophyte identification page under Resources contains several useful keys and other information on the genus Didymodon.

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