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Identification notes

Unless capsules are present on this small, ground-dwelling species, it could easily be taken as one of the other small terricolous Fissidens with a bordered leaf, especially F. bryoides.

So safe identification is really only feasible from autumn through to spring, when the distinctive, curved near-horizontal capsules are often abundant (F. bryoides, F. viridulus and other very small species have erect capsules). F. incurvus is usually very much smaller than F. taxifolius and especially F. dubius, the only other likely soil-dwelling Fissidens of the same habitat with a similarly oriented capsule. In any case, neither species has a bordered leaf.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Pilkington, S. 2015. Fissidens: a few shortcuts. Field Bryology 113: 40-43

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