Homomallium incurvatum

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Identification notes

A rare moss of northern limestone, H. incurvatum is easy to miss, especially if it lacks capsules, which usually mature in the summer. If these are present, they are conspicuous and draw attention to the plant. Otherwise, it is very slender and rather wispy-looking and grows closely appressed to its substrate.

Close attention to small stones embedded in the woodland floor is often needed to find Homomallium – it is a poorly competitive species and will not be found where large, vigorous species such as Ctenidium molluscum or Cirriphyllum crassinervium cover the rock surface.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Similar Species

Homomallium most resembles Rhynchostegiella tenella, although that moss produces its capsules at an entirely different time of year – in the autumn. Another useful difference is that Homomallium has conical capsule lids with short beaks whereas those of Rhynchostegiella have long narrow beaks.