Metzgeria conjugata

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Identification notes

Well-grown patches of M. conjugata have quite a distinctive look, with downcurved thallus margins and a way of growing away from the substrate that isn’t typical of M. furcata, which will also grow on rock.

At the edge of its range, plants may be small and less distinct and then it’s time to put some under the microscope and examine the hairs on the edge of the thallus, most of which should be growing in pairs. The downcurved margins on their own are not an entirely reliable character as M. furcata also grows a bit like this at times.

Look out for the amazing-looking sac-like male and female inflorescences on the same plant – only M. conjugata is monoicous; all our other Metzgeria species are dioicous.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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