Pseudanomodon attenuatus

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Identification notes

In continental Europe, this is quite a locally frequent moss in limestone districts, but it is extremely rare in Britain, so if you happen to see it here you should feel very pleased with yourself.

It’s more slender and much bushier-looking than Anomodon viticulosus, its ubiquitous close relative, and, in passing, looks a little like a robust Heterocladium heteropterum. Its numerous slender flagelliform branches make it look a bit scruffy and you may forget that you are in the presence of bryophyte royalty if you judge it solely by its appearance.

Peer closely at one of its primary shoots and you’ll see flask-shaped leaves similar to A. viticulosus, albeit with a small apiculus at the tip. They also have the same matt surface, due to the strongly papillose leaf cells which scatter light.

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

View distribution from the BBS Atlas 2014

Resources you may find useful

Callaghan, D. A. 2023. Population status and ecology of Pseudanomodon attenuatus (Hedw.) Ignatov & Fedosov in England.  Journal of Bryology 45(1), 38–44.

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