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Identification notes

As Seligeria species go, this one is one of the easiest to identify, despite its diminutive stature. However, there is little point in searching for it unless it has capsules that are mature, or at least not far from maturity, so that their distinctive shape can be seen. The capsules are short, wide and neat-looking. They abruptly narrow into the seta in a way that looks quite different to e.g., S. pusilla and S. donniana, both of which it may grow with or near.

With a hand-lens, carefully check fruiting plants and if it is S. acutifolia, you’ll probably see some perichaetial leaves reaching well up the seta. However, this isn’t always seen on every plant.

S. acutifolia matures its capsules in summer, so the optimal survey season for this little moss is roughly between April and September.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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