Tortella pseudofragilis

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Identification notes

In 2017, Heribert Köckinger & Lars Hedenäs published a paper in Journal of Bryology which gave convincing reasons to split the old Tortella bambergeri into 2 distinct species: Tortella pseudofragilis and Tortella fasciculata.

Refer to the resources given below for further details.

See the old Tortella bambergeri page

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

Some limited distribution data for this species is given in the Field Bryology article below.

Resources you may find useful

Köckinger, H & Hedenäs, L. 2017. A farewell to Tortella bambergeri (Pottiaceae) as understood over the last decades. Journal of Bryology 39:3, 213-225
Ottley, T. & Blockeel, T. 2019. Tortella fasciculata and T. pseudofragilis in Britain and Ireland. Field Bryology 121, 19-22
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