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Identification notes

In 2017, Tom Blockeel published an article which explained why the species known as U. crispa in Smith’s 2008 moss flora appeared to be ill-defined and readily confused with U. bruchii. Since that then, British and Irish bryologists have slowly been getting to grips with the three species that U. crispa s.l. became – U. intermediaU. crispula and U. crispa s.str. The Ulota intermedia page compares the 3 species and gives some hints on how to examine peristome characters.

U. crispa is a mid-season species and the best time to search for and identify it is when its strongly contracted capsules mature in mid-late summer.

For lots more useful information, Tom’s article is strongly recommended and you can download a PDF by following the link at the bottom of this page.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Resources you may find useful

Blockeel, T.L. 2017. The Ulota crispa group in Britain and Ireland, with notes on other species of the genus. Field Bryology 117: 8-19

Tom Blockeel describes three new species of Ulota and provides a new key for the genus.

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