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Identification notes

Like the majority of Weissia species, this one cannot be identified with confidence without examination of mature capsules, so there is a relatively narrow window of opportunity to find this plant, in late winter going into spring.

Look for relatively small plants (often a bit smaller than W. controversa) with small-mouthed capsules on long setae. Close examination of the capsule mouth will reveal no peristome (not even a rudimentary one) and the mouth of the capsule will look closed from above (this is a membrane, which rapidly breaks down in older capsules, so be careful).

Species varieties

Its two varieties typically grow in very different habitats:

  • Weissia brachycarpa var. brachycarpa: ant-hills, arable fields and other damp acidic soil.
  • Weissia brachycarpa var. obliqua: short-grazed species-rich dry calcareous grassland.
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