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No 127, May 2022

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No 126, November 2021

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No 125, May 2021

Targionia hypophylla in south-central and eastern England. Fred Rumsey
The Eastern Cairngorms. Gordon Rothero
Racomitrium obtusum in Britain and Ireland. Tom Ottley
A tale of two fires: heathland bryophyte successions at Thursley Common. Silvia Pressel, Jill Kowal & Jeff Duckett
Are agri-environment schemes beneficial to arable specialist bryophytes in Switzerland?. Irene Bisang, Norbert Schnyder & Ariel Bergamini

New vice-county records

The liverwort year – 2020. Nick Hodgetts
The moss year – 2020. Sharon Pilkington

Book review

Drizzle, Midges (Misery!) and Moss. Welcome to the Rainforests of Britain and Ireland!. John Birks

News and Society business


Council Newsletter No 37. Agneta Burton
Annual General Meeting 2021. D.J. Scott
Field Bryology – change of joint editor. C.D. Preston
Election of Officers and Elected Members of Council. D.J. Scott
BBS Referees – a 2020 Checklist update. Sharon Pilkington
Future meetings. Lucia Ruffino


Ceratodons side-by-side. Rachel Carter


No 124, November 2020

The Aonachs and the Grey Coires. Gordon Rothero
Dicranella howei in Britain. Tom Blockeel
Bartramia stricta’ in Sussex in the 1860s. Brad Scott
Bryophytes of the Pindus Mountains in Greece. Tom Blockeel

Book review

The magic and enchantment of bryophytes. Jeff Scott

Meeting reports

BBS ‘Summer’ meeting 2019: Wicklow, 18–21 October. Jo Denyer & Rory Hodd

News and Society business


Recording Secretary’s report. Oliver L Pescott
Regional Recorder vacancies
New Census Catalogue – Call for Records
Future meetings. Lucia Ruffino

Rare and Interesting

Rare and Interesting 19. Oli Pescott


A coincidence of elders. Howard Matcham & Jeff Duckett

No 123, May 2020

Orkney’s arable bryophytes. Chris D. Preston, John Crossley & Mark Hill
Sphagnum divinum and Sphagnum medium in Britain and Ireland. Mark Hill
Moss alert!! How I acquired a bryophyte habit! Philippa Thompson
Bryophyte recording in Hungary in the 21st century. Peter Erzberger


John Blackburn (1930–2019). Tom L. Blockeel
Robin Stevenson (1942–2019). Chris D. Preston

Book review

Bryophytes and lichens of Letterewe. Oliver Moore. 2019. Nick Hodgetts

Meeting reports

BBS Spring meeting 2019: North Devon, 11–16 April. Mark Pool
BBS Summer meeting 2019: Kenmare, 7–13 July. Rory Hodd
BBS Autumn Meeting 2019: Leicester, 4-6 October. Uta Hamzaoui

News and Society business comprising:

Council Newsletter No 36. Martin Godfrey
Election of Officers and Elected Members of Council. D. J. Scott
Annual General Meeting 2020. D. J. Scott
Future meetings. Lucia Ruffino

New County Records

The liverwort year – 2019. Nick Hodgetts
The moss year – 2019. Tom L. Blockeel


Mucilaginous algae and their impacts on bryophytes. Sam Bosanquet & Des Callaghan