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The Journal of Bryology is an international botanical periodical which publishes original research papers in cell biology, anatomy, development, genetics, physiology, chemistry, ecology, paleobotany, evolution, taxonomy, molecular systematics, applied biology, conservation, biomonitoring and biogeography of bryophytes, and also significant new check-lists and descriptive floras of poorly known regions and studies on the role of bryophytes in human affairs, and the lives of notable bryologists.

It is published four times a year by Taylor & Francis on behalf of the BBS, and is sent free of charge to all BBS members who elect to receive a printed copy.

Taylor & Francis also provide online access to the Journal, and articles are made available as soon as they are published – which is often before they are printed. BBS members who register on the BBS website will automatically be given access via the Member’s Area.

It is possible to register for email alerts whenever a new article is published online. You will need to create an online account (free), then click on the New content alerts button on the main Journal of Bryology page and follow the instructions. If you have any problems with this, please contact T&F, not the BBS.

General information about the journal can be found here.

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