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Past bryology in Oxfordshire

Oxford was home to one of the world’s earliest collections of bryophytes, by Jacob Bobart in the 17 th Century. Since then there have been many eminent bryologists recording mosses and liverworts in Oxfordshire through the centuries. In more recent times, numerous BBS members have added important records to the county’s bryoflora, including Roy Perry, Eustace Jones and George Bloom.

Current bryological activities in Oxfordshire

In 1999, Shotover Wildlife was founded to research and communicate the importance of Shotover Hill for wildlife, and the Oxford Mossing Group was set up to encourage bryological interest in the area. Sadly, due to ill health, this group is no longer active. However you can still read about the work of Shotover Wildlife on their website

Surveys and bryophyte recording

Surveys are undertaken on request from other organisations and naturalists, and also for Shotover Wildlife’s own recording initiatives such as a bryophyte inventory for the Shotover Ancient Trees Project. Various BBS projects are also contributed to whenever possible.

Bryophyte records are sent to the BBS recording scheme and the local Records Centre.

Resources you may find useful

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