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A request for help from the Royal College of Art…

We are a group of researchers, working at the Royal College of Art, who are running a campaign, in collaboration with Lucia Pietroiusti from the Serpentine Gallery’s Back to Earth Campaign to raise awareness about different species of moss. Our campaign aims to show the public how to see and read moss as a bioindicator of urban pollution. We are designing a walking audio-exhibition about moss species, set along a portion of Regent’s Canal.

We are also imagining how moss could be written into London’s historic conservation framework, offering bryophytes the same level of protection as historic buildings.

We are also interested in understanding more from you professionals as to what does one look for when on a moss walk? And how has our relationship with moss changed historically?

If you would like to help or get involved, please contact us at rca.ads3@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Andrea Chan & Andrew Reynolds


Published: 10 April 2021