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Tips on viewing image galleries

The new website makes extensive use of image galleries, like this one from the Calliergonella cuspidata species page:

Whenever you see a gallery of images like this, you can click on any of the images to open it in a larger window (this is called a lightbox). You can then scroll through all the images in the enlarged format.

In addition to this, you will notice that – on a PC – when you hover your mouse over most of the images on the website, you will see a short image title followed by the photographer name. For image galleries, if you open the images in a lightbox, you will often see some additional comments about the image at the bottom. These comments don’t exist for all images, but we have used them extensively in the Species finder to describe what the images show.

To see how this works, go to the Calliergonella cuspidata species page and click on any image in the gallery.

Published: 23 February 2021