Call for UK specimens of alpine bryophyte species

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Alain Vanderpoorten has a research project, entitled ‘Hiding for surviving? Last-glacial maximum phylogeography to inform spatially-explicit predictions on the ability of Alpine biota to migrate as a response to climate change in the Alps (GEN4MIG)’. For this, he would appreciate contribution of decently recent (<5-10 yrs at most) and sufficiently abundant (for DNA extraction) specimens of the species listed below (about 5-8 collections per species, from any area, but especially the UK):

Timmia bavarica

Syntrichia norvegica

Scapania aequiloba

Timmia austriaca

Lescuraea plicata

Barbilophozia lycopodoides

If you think you can help Alain, please get in touch with him

Published: 14 June 2022