Photo Competition: the winners!

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The winners of the 2023 Photo Competition were announced at the AGM and images are shown here. All of these and a selection of other images were featured in a 2024 Calendar which is now sold out.

Thank you to everyone who supported the competition by entering images and voting.

The winners

Category 1: Bryophytes in the Landscape
Winner: Scott Davidson, ‘Moss-covered boulders on Black-A-Tor Copse’

Category 2: Bryophytes under the microscope
Winner: Claire Halpin, ‘Cephalozia curvifolia

Category 3: Close-ups of bryophytes
Winner: Claire Halpin, ‘Bryum dichotomum

Category 4: Bryophytes under the microscope
Winner: Michael Lüth, ‘Famous Scandinavic experts creeping over sand dunes’

Category 5: Under 18’s
Winner: Rafik Harrington, ‘Racomitrium lanuginosum on the Caherconree Promonotory Fort’

Published: 16 September 2023