Anomodon viticulosus

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Identification notes

This is a common plant associated with shaded well-drained base-rich rocks and masonry, but can also grow as an epiphyte, especially where tree roots or the base of the trunk have a thin covering of soil. It forms extensive loose patches or cushions of relatively unbranched stems which can be several cm long. The dry stems are a dull yellowish green with a rather untidy appearance due to the irregularly twisted leaves. It has the ability to absorb or lose water remarkably quickly, and after a rain shower it becomes a brighter green with spreading leaves and a more regularly bushy appearance.

The leaves themselves have  a blunt, rounded tip and an irregularly undulate margin. Racomitrium aciculare  has a similar leaf tip but is toothed and forms smaller, tighter cushions and tends to be found on more acid rocks near water.

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

Quite widespread, although tends to be scarcer in the uplands.

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