BBS publications

The BBS produces two regular publications available to members. These are the Journal of Bryology, which is a prestigious scientific journal primarily aimed at scientists and researchers; and the bulletin Field Bryology, aimed at amateur and field bryologists. Members automatically receive both publications. 

In 2010, the BBS published its Field Guide which has been hugely successful and instrumental in encouraging many beginners into bryology. Work has started on a second edition, although it will not be available for some time. 

In addition, the Society occasionally publishes other resources for bryologists. These include the 2014 Atlas of British and Irish Bryophytes, and regular Census Catalogues detailing the Vice-county distribution of all species in Britain and Ireland.

A cumulative index of all BBS publications is maintained and regularly published by BBS member Dr Philip Stanley. He started building the index in 1988, and it was first published online in 2000. The Cumulative Index covers all of the printed publications of the Society including Transactions of the British Bryological Society (1947-1971), Journal of Bryology (1972-present) and Bulletin of the British Bryological Society (1963-2003) and Field Bryology (2004-present).
Prior to 2021, the format was a searchable PDF file of more than 60 thousand entries. In 2021, it was converted to an Excel spreadsheet which allows faster searching and filtering of search results.
This is an immense achievement by Phil, and one for which the BBS is extremely grateful.

From December 2021 the Cumulative Index and associated information will be published on the BBS website.