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From the inception of the Moss Exchange Club in 1896, through its transition to the British Bryological Society in 1923, up to the present time, the BBS has published a regular bulletin for members reporting on the activities of the Society and other membership matters.

The current such bulletin is called Field Bryology, and issues are available online from the Field Bryology page.

Earlier iterations of these bulletins are available below and include:

  • Moss Exchange Club reports (1896 – 1922)
  • BBS Reports (1923 – 1945)
  • BBS Bulletins (1963 – 2003)

During the period 1947 – 1963, the activities of the Society were reported as BBS Transactions, and these are available online from the Taylor and Francis website.

BBS members Dr Phil Stanley and Mike Walton have spent many hours sourcing these reports and scanning them, and have kindly made them available to the BBS website.

MEC reports 1896-1922 BBS Reports 1923-1945 BBS Bulletins 1963-2003