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These pages provide a wealth of information that you might find useful, organised as far as possible into different themes.

Some of the resources provided are downloads of PDF files or spreadsheets, others link to other useful websites, and there are many suggestions for books and papers that may be of interest.

Many of the resources are aimed at bryologists in the UK and Ireland, but we also have checklists and literature references for other parts of the world, including the tropics. These were built up over a period of almost 20 years, largely by the Tropical Bryology Group.

Other resources

There is a separate page dedicated to resources for recording bryophytes in the wild which includes the BBS Bryophyte Recording Handbook and downloads of recording cards in different formats. You will find these recording resources in the Recording section.

Finally, another useful resource is an email discussion list called BRYONET, set up by the International Association of Bryologists (IAB). Its purpose is to provide discussion among bryologists and any who wish to learn about bryophytes. You have to register in order to use it, but anyone from complete beginners to top level scientists can – and do – post questions and participate in discussions. Find out how to register on the website