Chionoloma tenuirostre

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Identification notes

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Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

Species varieties

  • Chionoloma tenuirostre var. tenuirostre
  • Chionoloma tenuirostre var. holtii
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Resources you may find useful

Alonso M, Jiménez, JA and Cano, MJ. 2019. Taxonomic Revision of Chionoloma (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 104(4): 563-632
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Blockeel, T.L. 2013. A preliminary review of the genus Oxystegus in Britain and Ireland. Field Bryology 110: 5-11

Following a detailed study of Oxystegus in Europe, Tom Blockeel illuminates the current taxonomic views for British bryologists.

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