Grimmia muehlenbeckii

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Identification notes

This large, blackish Grimmia was only confirmed as a British and Irish species in 2007 and it remains unfamiliar to many bryologists.

Although its large, dense cushions are conspicuous when growing on hard, south-facing rocks, it is essentially a microscope-only species. It’s especially fond of basic volcanic rocks, including dolerite, basalt and peridotite.

Clusters of spherical red-brown leaf gemmae have been reported from European specimens but are rare here.

To identify this species, you’ll need a modern key, and fortunately there are several available from the Resources pages of this website.

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland

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Resources you may find useful

Porley, R.D. & Maier, E. 2007. Grimmia muehlenbeckii Schimp. in Britain and Ireland. Journal of Bryology 29: 188-193.

The Bryophyte identification page under Resources contains additional information on the genus Grimmia.

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