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4 August 1996 - 8 August 1996

BBS Centenary Symposium 1996

Local Secretary: Dr J.H. Dickson, Department of Botany, The University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ. Tel.: 0141 339 8855, Fax 0141 330 4447.

The programme of papers is as follows:

Sunday 4 August, 1400 to 1800 hrs, registration at Queen Margaret Hall, Bellshaugh Road, Kirklee, Glasgow G12 0SQ. Tel. 0141 334 2192 /3 /4; Fax. 0141 339 2883. (Registration on subsequent days at Boyd-Orr Building, University Avenue.)

Monday 5 August, 0900 to 1700 hrs. Symposium (Lecture Theatre 2, Boyd-Orr Building)
09.00 Welcome and Introduction by A.R. Perry, President of the Society.
09.15 D. Edwards (Cardiff, UK): ‘Origins of land plants: the palaeobotanical perspective.’
09.45 T.A. Hedderson (Reading, UK): ‘Origins of land plants: new evidence from molecular biology.’
10.15 K.S. Renzaglia (Johnson City, Tennessee, USA) & D. Garbary (Nova Scotia, Canada): ‘Phylogenetic analyses of bryophytes and their relationships with other plants.’
10.45 Coffee
11.15 M. Bopp & E. Capesius (Heidelberg, Germany): ‘The molecular approach to bryophyte systematics.’
11.45 H. Bischler-Causse (Paris, France): ‘Molecular taxonomy of liverworts.’
12.15 D. Long (Edinburgh, UK): ‘Asterella: taxonomy on a global scale.’
12.45 Lunch
14.00 J.H. Dickson (Glasgow, UK): ‘New discoveries of sub-fossil bryophytes especially concerning the Tyrolean Iceman.’
14.30 D.H. Vitt (Edmonton, Canada): ‘Taxonomy of mosses: relationships of the major groups.’
15.00 Tea 15.30 L. Hedenäs (Stockholm, Sweden): ‘Cladistic analysis of pleurocarpous mosses.’
16.00 B. Goffinet (Edmonton, Canada): ‘Molecular phylogeny of the Orthotrichales.’
16.30 Concluding remarks.

Tuesday 6 August, 0900 to 1800 hrs. Symposium continued (Lecture Theatre 2, Boyd-Orr Building)

09.00 N.W. Ashton (Regina, Canada): ‘Physcomitrella and the mode of action of auxin.’
09.30 T. Wang (Norwich, UK) & D.J. Cove (Leeds, UK): ‘Molecular development of Physcomitrella (the Leeds ‘Euromoss Project’).’
10.00 J.G. Duckett (London, UK): ‘Protonemal morphogenesis.’
10.30 Coffee
11.00 P. Apostolakos (Athens, Greece): ‘Microtubules and morphogenesis in liverworts.’
11.30 K.C. Vaughn (Mississippi, USA) & J. Hasegawa (Kyoto, Japan): ‘Cytoskeletal proteins of bryophytes and the systematic position of the hornworts.’
12.00 R. Ligrone (Caserta, Italy): ‘Conducting tissues in bryophytes.’
12.30 Lunch
14.00 F. Sack (Ohio, USA): ‘Gravitropism in bryophytes.’
14.30 J.G. Duckett (London, UK): ‘The life and work of P.W. Richards.’
15.00 Poster session
18.30 Buses depart from Queen Margaret Hall for Civic Reception at City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow. The reception is a dinner. Dress: informal, national dress if possible.

Wednesday 7 August, 0900 to 1730 hrs. Symposium continued (Lecture Theatre 2, Boyd-Orr Building)

09.00 J.A. Raven (Dundee, UK) & H. Griffiths (Newcastle, UK): ‘New perspectives in the biophysics and physiology of bryophytes.’
09.30 H.J.B. Birks, E. Heegaard & B. Jonsgard (Bergen, Norway): ‘Quantifying bryophytes – environmental relationships.’
10.00 J. Martinez-Abaigar & E. Nuñez-Olivera (La Rioja, Spain): ‘Ecophysiology of pigments in aquatic bryophytes.’
10.30 Coffee
11.00 J.A. Lee (Sheffield, UK): ‘Nitrogen and ozone pollution.’
11.30 J. Silvola, H. Vansander & J. Jauhiainen (Joensuu, Finland): ‘Effects of elevated nitrogen and carbon dioxide.’
12.00 R.S. Clymo (London, UK): ‘Sphagnum, the peatland carbon economy and climatic change.’
12.30 Lunch
14.00 G. Hendry (Sheffield, UK): ‘The biochemistry of desiccation tolerance.’
14.30 J.W. Bates & S. Bakken (London, UK): ‘Nutrient retention, desiccation and recycling.’
15.00 J. Shaw (Ithaca, USA): ‘Hybridization in mosses.’
15.30 Tea 16.00 R.E. Longton (Reading, UK): ‘Advances in population biology.’
16.30 L. Söderström (Trondheim, Norway) & T. Herben (Pruhonice, Czech Republic): ‘Modelling the dynamics of bryophyte populations.’
17.00 Concluding remarks

Thursday 8th. Departure.

Participation. The Society looks forward to the participation of bryologists from throughout the world in its Centenary Symposium, and its Summer Field Meeting which will follow immediately afterwards.



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