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Marchantia quadrata

Previously known as Preissia quadrata, or Narrow Mushroom-headed Liverwort. This image shows immature female receptacles, each of which can have up to 8 sporophytes which develop inside a protective involucre. This specimen was growing in crevices in a wall at Visegrád Castle near Budapest in Hungary.

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Entosthodon hungaricus

One of the many beautiful bryophytes seen on the recent meeting in Hungary. This species was growing in saline grassland at Apaj, and was obviously very happy. Thank you to Peter Erzberger for arranging the meeting, and shepherding our group of around 20 errant bryologists around some of the most interesting sites in the region of Budapest without losing anyone (or his temper)!

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Hypnum cupressiforme

Bryophytes really repay a little more study - they are not just beautiful in the field! Here you can see the antheridia (male organs) of Hypnum cupressiforme in various stages of development. To observe these, you need to find a shoot with diminutive male side branches, then just dissect one of these, removing all the subtending bracts.  This specimen was collected in January, but antheridia may not be present throughout the whole year; we don't know a great deal about the timing of sexual reproduction stages for many bryophytes species.

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Dicranella howei

Not the best photo, but a beautiful specimen of fruiting Dicranella howei (Howe’s Forklet-moss) nonetheless.  This species can often be seen fruiting in late winter / early spring and was spotted here on Gilwern Hill near Abergavenny at the start of January.

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Hamatocaulis vernicosus

This image was captured by Sharon Pilkington in a flush in the Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, in August 2023, and shows the red patches at the base of the leaves beautifully. Its common name is the rather beautiful Varnished Hook-moss.

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Drepanoclados lycopodioides

A robust and handsome moss (its common name Large Hook-moss doesn't really do it justice). This specimen was photographed by Sharon Pilkington during a Petalwort survey in March 2023, growing in a dune slack at Braunton Burrows, Devon.

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