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Draft key to the Pottiales

Feedback requested The BBS Field Guide has been a wonderful resource for beginning and improving bryologists since it was published in 2010. However, one complaint that has been levied against it, is that the lack of any microscope characters in the keys mean that some species simply cannot be keyed out – and also may […]

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Second edition of the Field Guide

The Publications Committee is looking into the production of a second edition of Mosses and liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a field guide, originally published by the BBS in 2010. This will be a ‘light touch’ revision updating the nomenclature and maps, correcting any errors and including a greater range of drawings. As part of […]

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Nominations for Council requested

Council vacancies As notified in the May 2021 issue of Field Bryology, there will be some vacancies for new officers and elected members on Council at the end of 2021. No nominations have so far been received for a new Membership Secretary and only one nomination for the two elected member vacancies. In normal times, […]

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Environmental Campaign Collaboration

A request for help from the Royal College of Art… We are a group of researchers, working at the Royal College of Art, who are running a campaign, in collaboration with Lucia Pietroiusti from the Serpentine Gallery’s Back to Earth Campaign to raise awareness about different species of moss. Our campaign aims to show the […]

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Vice-county images and information

Calling all regional recorders (and others!) Some of the vice-county pages are still looking a bit empty. Please send us your images – preferably with a label or caption – and we’ll upload the best. And any time you would like anything added to ‘your’ vice-county, again, just email us at Thank you!

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Call for Physcomitrium pyriforme specimens

Researchers in the US have recently contacted the BBS to request help with finding specimens of Physcomitrium pyriforme. For the last 2 years they have been working on a research project on plant genome evolution using this species as a model organism. They have been running a citizen science program called PhyscoHunt, asking for the help […]

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