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Firs Botanical Grounds Moss House project, Manchester

Do you live in the Manchester area, with a bit of time to spare and/or an interest in growing bryophytes? Or perhaps you have experience with growing bryophytes in cultivation and would be willing to share your knowledge? Read on for an interesting opportuntity… Nicholas Pearson has been in touch with the BBS. As part […]

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New Temperate Rainforest Lichens and Bryophytes Toolkit from Plantlife

Globally rare temperate rainforest is one of Britain and Ireland’s most important habitats. Also known as Atlantic woodland, it is home to very special and often rare species of bryophyte and lichen. Rainforest in south-west England tends to be less wet and somewhat warmer than its counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and it is important […]

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Whixall Moss news

Long Term Monitoring Networks vegetation survey of Fenns, Whixall and Bettisfield Moss Past President Martin Godfrey and Council member Philippa Thompson have just returned from a week with Natural England assisting at a Long Term Monitoring Network (LTMN) vegetation survey of Fenns, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses, a lowland bog National Nature Reserve (NNR) that straddles […]

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New LIFE for Welsh Raised Bogs

Raised bogs are one of Wales’ rarest and most important habitats and, because of their environmental interest and importance, they are designated Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). The LIFE Welsh Raised Bogs project is the first national restoration programme for raised bogs and for any peatland habitat in Wales. This 4-year pioneering and ambitious project aims […]

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Saving Scotland’s Rainforest

Scotland’s rainforest is one of our most precious habitats. It is as important as tropical rainforest, but even rarer. Yet few people in Scotland know it exists and fewer still know how globally significant it is. The BBS is a partner organisation in the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest  – a voluntary partnership of more than […]

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